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The perfect break that will benefit you: as part of the Transcend Humanity initiative, HP has gathered evidence that gaming helps professionals in a variety of fields.

Take our quiz and find out how games help professionals in different fields!

Question 1In surgery

Playing Surgeon Simulator allows you to maintain knowledge about the structure of the human body.
Three hours of video games a week can reduce errors by 37%

Question 2In military specialties:

Gamers have, on average, 10-20% better perception and cognitive abilities
Gamers have a better understanding of weapons and military equipment

Question 3In professions that require quick reactions

Gamers respond 12% faster on average
Gamers are less likely to allow situations

Question 4How to further enhance the effect of video games

Play twice as long
Play on a quality and modern device - for example, the HP OMEN 15 (2021) gaming laptop

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It's time to get better with HP OMEN (15)!

HP OMEN 15 -
will make you better!

Great hardware

The combination of an 8-core AMD Ryzen 7 5800H processor and a GeForce RTX 3070 graphics card can handle any modern game.

Reliable cooling

The clever Tempest Cooling system provides good noise and temperature performance, allowing the processor and graphics card to reach their full potential.

hp OMEN 15 laptop


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