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with Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

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Modern life demands being constantly connected and aware of what's going on. It's no wonder successful people start their mornings with their smartphones. And they choose a model that turns necessity into pleasure.

A perfectly knotted tie is as important as flawlessly prepared documents and a calibrated schedule on a personal calendar. For a motivated person, there are no compromises in the approach to business.

Freshly brewed coffee in a sleek cup beckons with its aroma. The rounded body of the smartphone fits comfortably in your hand - it's lightweight and easy to use. The right things make every moment of your life worthwhile.

Shower, charge, fresh shirt and watch important messages and news on the Galaxy S21 Ultra. You can adjust the day's plans right away, because the morning sets the pace for business until the evening.

Lunch is an opportunity for the businessman to be alone and recharge his energy. Your favorite smartphone is always with you, and 30 minutes is just enough time for you to "refuel" for a full day's work, too.

The sleek, mechanical watch is a status accessory that measures time. A sleek smartphone helps you plan and spend it wisely.

The luxury of relaxation is being able to get exactly what you want in time. Thoughtfulness is the key to the enjoyment that comes with a taste.

The luxury of relaxation is getting exactly what you want.

The Galaxy S21 Ultra is the perfect partner for work - it gently, but emphatically tells you when it's time to get back to business. And it reminds you of the agenda for the upcoming meeting as well.

The executive class car is designed to make the life and work of a businessman easier. Just like the flagship Galaxy S21 Ultra smartphone. You don't have to think about convenience - it's already there.

You don't have to think about convenience - it's already there.

The smartphone's adaptive display is fully available for any situation. With a simple tap you can increase the brightness of the screen, look at a spreadsheet or chart, or type.

Power, comfort and safety are what luxury cars and gadgets have in common. The Galaxy S21 Ultra replaces a computer in function, with an electronic pen that lets you work even when you're on the move. And it has an "airbag" of data.

Modern technology allows you to act more efficiently and enjoy every moment of your life, whether you're working or relaxing. Learn more about the latest Galaxy S21 Ultra.

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Unique design

We're introducing a new and unique camera module design. It flows seamlessly into the edge of the smartphone and features four cameras with superior performance.


Fastest processor in Galaxy

The first ever Galaxy 5nm processor with incredibly high power and performance. This means greater use of artificial intelligence in all Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G systems and modes.




faster CPU

16 GB



Film Studio at Your Hands

Resolution as in the movies. Only much higher

8K video is the highest resolution video available on smartphones. One frame of 8K video has four times more pixels than a frame of 4K video. Shoot 8K video at 24 frames per second for footage that looks better than movies.

S Pen

S Pen - precision at your fingertips

That's right, it's the first S Pen for the Galaxy S which completely changed how you type on mobile screens. Now it's as comfortable and easy to do as writing on paper with a regular pen.

in resolution

Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G features two lenses with 3x and 10x optical zoom that switch sequentially to create high-quality images. And with revolutionary "fractured" optical axis technology and artificial intelligence, you'll be able to capture close-ups without ever leaving your seat.

40 MP


not afraid
of water

Certified to IP68


Colors Ultra

The smartphone is available in two classic colors, and you can also choose exclusive colors from the official Samsung online store. Titanium Phantom, Blue Phantom and Bronze Phantom are waiting for you.

Black PhantomSilver Phantom

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